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27th Sigma SoCal Odyssey Research Conference
Be Bold: Nursing Innovations in Education, Research, and Technology

October 5-6, 2023

Sharp Prebsy Innovation and Education Center

 Address 8695 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego 92123




You are invited to submit RESEARCH abstracts for the 27th SIGMA SOCAL ODYSSEY CONFERENCE 2023!



The purpose of this joint conference is to promote communication about nursing research, education, practice, and leadership, and to enhance research collaboration throughout nursing’s scholarly community.



Proceedings are published electronically, and a link will be available for all in attendance. The proceedings will not be copyrighted. You may publish the paper or abstract elsewhere; we request, however, that you include the notation that the paper or poster was presented at the 27th Sigma SoCal Odyssey Conference 2023.



  1. Quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed methods research, or innovative evidence-based projects are eligible for podium or poster presentation.

  2. Research must be completed by the time of submission to be eligible for podium presentation.

  3. In-progress and completed research are eligible for poster presentation.

  4. Innovative projects must be implemented or completed to be considered for podium presentation.

  5. Innovative projects currently without reportable outcome evidence are eligible for poster presentation only.

  6. Symposia

  7. Eligible presenters are: members of Sigma chapters, faculty, current nursing students, or other interested nurse clinicians, researchers and scholars.



*The Conference is Sponsored by the Following Schools/Sigma Chapters:

Azusa Pacific University/Iota Sigma; California Baptist University/Chi Mu; CSU Dominguez Hills/Xi Theta; CSU Fullerton/Upsilon Beta; CSU Los Angeles/Nu Mu; CSU San Bernardino/Rho Beta; CSU San Marcos/Phi Theta; Chamberlain University/Phi Pi; Loma Linda University/Gamma Alpha; National University San Diego/Omega Omega; San Diego State University/Gamma Gamma; University of California Los Angeles, CSU Northridge, CSU Channel Islands/Gamma Tau at-Large; University of Phoenix, Southern California Campus/Omicron Delta; Vanguard University-Concordia University Irvine/Psi Theta at-Large; West Coast University/Chi Beta; Western University of Health Sciences/Phi Alpha; USD and Point Loma University/Zeta Mu at-Large



The first author of accepted presentations and posters will be notified by July 17, 2023.  If your abstract is accepted, you will need to respond to the invitation and register to attend the conference by August 7, 2023.



Selection criteria: Abstracts will be blind reviewed using the requested selection criteria below:


  • Quantitative Research podium and poster presentations will be selected based on assessment of the following abstract components:

  • Specific aims or objectives of the study;

  • Rationale or background for the study;

  • Research methodology including design, sample, procedure and instrument (reliability & validity);

  • Data analysis used;

  • Research findings or results;

  • Implications or significance of findings to nursing.


  • Qualitative Research podium and poster presentations will be selected based on assessment of the following abstract components:

  • Phenomenon of interest;

  • Description of methodology;

  • Description of participants;

  • Knowledge gained from study;

  • Implications or significance;

  • Recommendations for future studies.


  • Mixed Methods Research podium and poster presentations will be selected based on assessment of the following abstract components:

  • Aim or objective;

  • Rationale or background;

  • Research questions clearly stated and appropriate for mixed methodology;

  • Quantitative Sampling procedure;

  • Instruments;

  • Data Collection procedures;

  • Quantitative data analysis procedures;

  • Tradition clearly identified or easily inferred (Qualitative Data Collection);

  • Qualitative data analysis procedures consistent with the tradition;

  • Findings/Results;

  • Strength of the study enhanced with inclusion of both data types;

  • Implications or significance.



*Read carefully - only abstracts that conform to the Abstract Format will be accepted.


Submit a one-page Word document file which must fit one side of one 8/5” x 11” paper. The file should be named with the author’s last name in upper case then first name and title of presentation in lower case (e.g. LASTNAME_Firstname Title of Presentation.doc)


Margins must be one inch on all sides and be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font.  The body of the abstract must be single spaced with two (2) spaces between paragraphs. Left justify all paragraphs; do not indent to begin a paragraph. Left justify and bold all headings such as Objective, Background, Methodology, etc.


Center the TITLE in upper case regular type. Title must fit on one line. Double space and indicate Name of First Author, License, Degree in regular type, Centered with Upper and Lower case. Single space and indicate email address of first author in regular type, centered.  Single space and indicate Name of Second Author, License, Degree in regular type, Centered with Upper and Lower case. Double space and begin body of abstract.   The following is an example:


TITLE (in caps-- must fit on ONE line!)


Name of First Author, License, Degree

email address

Name of Second Author, License, Degree


The body of the abstract should address all components of the selection criteria listed on the previous pages, depending upon type of abstract being submitted.


If the research or project was supported in full or part by a grant, cite the grant number and granting organization at the bottom of the abstract.


Submit a second copy of the abstract that includes the TITLE with no other identifying information, such as authors, funding information, etc. This copy will be submitted for blind peer review. The file should be named with the Title of the Presentation only.


Submission Deadline


The deadline for Research Abstracts has been extended to: June 12, 2023.  The first author of accepted presentations and posters will be notified by July 17, 2023.

Submission of Abstracts (Word document only - do not submit in pdf form):


Submit the Abstract, Blinded Abstract and Abstract Information Form word documents. The abstract file must follow this format: LASTNAME_Firstname Title of Presentation.doc; the blinded abstract file should be submitted with only the Title of the Presentation.doc

Submit abstract documents to Susan Nuñez at: Please contact Susan Nuñez if you have questions related to research abstracts.

Important Note: Please contact Susan Nuñez (Research) if you do not receive a confirmation email of receipt of your application as there may have been a problem with its transmission.

Be sure to complete and include the Abstract Information Form on the following page when submitting your abstract and blinded abstract.

Abstract Information Form

Title of Presentation (conforms to one-line abstract format restriction):

To check a box, double click on the box and on the Check Box Field Options mark Default value checked and then click on OK.

Presentation Format (Be sure to indicate preference)

Podium - Research for podium presentations must be completed by the date of submission


Either Poster or Podium


Which set of selection criteria do you wish to be used to evaluate the abstract?

Quantitative Research, include date research was completed:                                                       

Qualitative Research, include date research was completed:                                                          

Mixed Methodology, include date research was completed:                                                           

Complete all sections below (first author responsible to notify all co-presenters):


First Author’s Name _______________________________________________________

                                      First            Middle Initial       Last          Credentials (e.g., PhD, RN)




Phone contact:


Sigma Theta Tau Chapter or School Affiliation/Healthcare Facility:




Do not send your CV or resume.



*STUDENTS: Please include the name of faculty member/school below, who reviewed your abstract*



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